I really enjoy Iron and Wine

Sam Beam Is one of the most talented singer/song writers I have ever had the good fortune of hearing. This past November My wife Shannon and I went to see Iron & wine live at the Orange Peel. The Orange Peel is a very intimate venue, That provides an Intimate experience.  You can sit in the back against the wall which is only about 50 ft from the stage, or you can stand at the stage’s edge and trade glances or touch hand with the Musicians. Iron and wine has a very unique sound, Folky and soulful with rustic tendencies. Passionate and heartfelt each song seems to carry its own emotion;  Rich with melody yet simple there is a depth of layers that can sweep you  away in the experience.

For me the songs he preforms seem deeply personal and some what whimsical as he uses thought provoking metaphors, and in the most complex simplicity, he eloquently tells his stories. Some songs seem like wise ramblings meant to be  recalled  only when the moment arises, others simply bitter-sweet accounts of love and life.

I will leave you with one of my all time favorites.



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welcome 2011

2010 was good to me. I Experienced, Learned, and Grew so much!

2009 came to a rocky end and left me broken and somewhat lost, those days are dark in my memory and I can’t recall much to detail. I remember December as cold and lonely. I had a lot of work due to snow, and i always tried to stay busy because the engine blew up in my truck and i didn’t have an extra $2000 just lying around. So I moved in with friends who were looking for a room mate in order to walk to work. Pardon my cliché but it was a long December.

2010 rolled in a little brighter. Turns out living with friends when your hurting is a good idea as long as you keep your head straight. 3 contrasting personalties in equal power under one roof can be at times frustrating, but we had a lot of fun.

February 2010 brought unexpected Treasure, an old friend of mine from school sent me an e-mail, basically it said this ” Hey bro, hows your heart? I’d love to catch up with you Coffee perhaps?”   “Planes don’t slip” one week after we met up we were going steady. The rest is history, The Fox chased the Owl and we fell in love.

March was a dream, new adventures with the love of my life.  I got an old Ford truck for free and rebuilt the engine and got it running…(For 2 or 3 weeks anyway) March was like magic.

April,…. In April, I went to Africa. Don’t get me wrong, Africa was an awesome experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I was working for Alltec Corp. on a Marathon Oil compound updating their lightening protection systems. The work was challenging but turns out I’m pretty good at it. For a single version of myself  working with Alltec is a dream come true, but with my love waiting at home pining for me and Me in Africa, returning the pining, well that kind of puts a damper on things.

So June, when I would hold My Love again, could not come soon enough.  With our June Reunion, and 2 months of hearts growing Fonder; I decided it was time to accelerate things with our love story, and I asked Shannon Mimms to be my Bride. The Perfect  moment came before i expected and i didn’t have a ring, so i pulled a piece of yellow string from the blanket we were sitting on and tied it to her finger to hold the title of engagement ring regent. We set the Date of  July 24, and that left us with about a month to plan our wedding. Oh… and I got a new engine in my 4runner.

July was a whirlwind and a blur, As simple as our wedding was the planing was not without certain complications some expected, some not so much. The Food was pot luck, Venue- The Pink Beds @ $40, Decorations- Natures Best, and some rustic touches of our own,  Ceremony- Short and Sweet in a field of Ferns, Reception- a wonderful array of people in a field. All in All perfect for the two of us or should I say the One of us 🙂

August held our honey moon, 2 weeks of great crab legs and great sex. Savannah Ga., is a lovely little big city if you wanted to you could see everything in one day, and you’ll always discover something new every time you visit. Charleston SC. was our second destination.  Charleston is Rad. tons of interesting shops and architecture.  August is also home to Shannon’s Birthday, she was 24 this year, I took her to Asheville were we found “OUR” restaurant. Jack  of  the Wood , after a good pint and some fish and chips, we walked around enjoying street musicians until time for the movie “The Kids Are Alright”  Its kind of  hilarious. After the movie we got some Ice cream at Marble Slab, Then went home to cuddle.

Autumn was full of fun, We Launched Fox & Owl Studio. We got our adorable orange kitten Angus. my Birthday was in October, we were Hippys for Halloween, and we had our first real holiday together- Thanksgiving.

When the winter snow came we were reminded of the first weeks we spent together, and there was a freshness in our atmosphere. We spent a lot of the winter keeping to our selfs all lovey dovey.

Our first Christmas was perfect we went traditional with a treepod, wrapped all our gifts in newspaper,  reserved the right to celebrate Boxing day.

New Years we spent quietly at home with a bottle of wine.

and here we are welcome 2011.

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Ode to inspiration; “If you let it”.

Recently I’ve been re-exploring creative outlets that I’ve utilized heavily in the past, or admired as they flowed from others. Just last night I drew a conceptual design for a summer camp T-shirt, and I drew a Fox and Owl side by side to symbolize my Beloved and Myself. Shannon being the Owl and I the Fox. Then I made that drawing into a stencil, and spray-panted it onto about 65 envelops for our wedding invitations. New found motivation one might exclaim; Or an old itch, awakening. At any rate I’m excited about it, So much that I’m writing blog’s. Everything seems fresh. Small things somehow seem to invoke intrigue in that I feel like there is something to be gained or learned in EVERYTHING! For example: today a young bird flew into the sliding glass door,  I heard the noise and walked to the door just in  time to see the wee thing take flight once more. It flapped away shaken but unscathed except that it lost one single downy feather. As I watched that tiny feather float upward and then overcome by gravity dance toward the ground I must have watched it from a thousand different perspectives all at once. There are the obvious like empathy “poor bird”, Comedy “silly bird”, and appreciation “Lucky bird”. Then there’s factual perspective like the bird saw the reflection of the trees in the glass. In the fore front of my mind was the beauty of the feather floating feather and how id like to photograph or paint the way the sunlight broken by the tree limbs played off the downy barbules of the tiny feather. Then as the feather settled I realized a great symbolism with the whole experience. The bird had the chance to gain valuable life experience, most birds don’t get a second chance in this kind of scenario. Romantically I like to think that as it flew away it the loss of the downy feather was symbolism of the lesson learned and maturity & wisdom gained. I think I re-learned a childhood lesson of (what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger) with the addition of  “if you let it”.  From a creative perspective this symbolism affords a life time of inspiration from campfire stories to tell grand children to songs, poems, and endless forms of art. I felt myself expand from  this one seemingly normal or insignificant happening. I’m glad I didn’t blink.

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